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Driver Rule Document Links

2018 Rules and other documents coming soon.

Important Driver Notices


The official track frequency is 452.400.

Car number registration reminder: Drivers remember to register your number.
All numbers must be registered. No duplications will be allowed.


All Drivers are required to be licensed NASCAR members. NASCAR includes a 2,000,000 accident liability insurance policy with all licenses/memberships for drivers, crew, fans and owners. Along with that discounts are offered on weekly pit registration at Lebanon I-44 Speedway that offset the original cost of membership. All license/membership applications must be originals and not copies and can be found at the Pit Registration Office or by contacting Lebanon I-44 Speedway and can be filled out and paid for on night of the event.

Notice About Minor Release Forms

Children 6 and over allowed in pits.

Anyone under 21 entering the pit area MUST have minor release(s) / parental consent on file with the track. And the following requirements must be meet:

1) Minor release for those under 18 that are NOT getting NASCAR membership. Must be printed on color copier, will not be VALID without red print.

2) Both parents must sign (if only 1 parent is available you will need to include a statement as to why only 1 parent signature is required), so you will need 2 copies.

3) Must be signed in front of track officials - by all parties, or if that is not possible it must be notarized.

4) If you are also getting a NASCAR License you will need 1 full set for NASCAR and 1 set for track.

5) If you don't have valid ID with proof of age please attach a copy of your birth certificate.

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